About Me

Jonathan Grocott is a successful wealth management company owner and director from Brunswick County, North Carolina. Grocott established Wealth Preservation Associates after over a decade as an in-demand wealth planner, including almost seven years at Merrill Lynch. At his independent firm, he focuses on client-centred retirement planning.

Grocott was born in Mercer County, New Jersey. He grew up in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, and later studied at the University of Pittsburgh on the opposite side of the so-called Keystone State. He credits the university with instilling a lifelong commitment to collaboration, community, inclusivity, innovation, and sustainability in him.

The successful wealth management company owner supports various charities and other good causes. Outside of his wealth management work and charitable efforts, he enjoys spending time with his young family. Elsewhere, he is passionate about numerous hobbies and other interests. Among his longest-standing interests are boating, fishing, golf, and music.

Current Role & Duties

Wealth Preservation Associates

Jonathan owns and is the founder and managing director of Wealth Preservation Associates in Southport, North Carolina. Wealth Preservation Associates focuses on financial planning for retired and soon-to-retire clients. Client care is the wealth management company's number-one priority, with the firm wholly committed to putting clients' needs first.

Jonathan P Grocott and his team work alongside each client to understand their unique circumstances. They aim to create distinctive, effective plans that provide flexible solutions to support strategic and long-range planning for retirees' financial futures by matching short- and long-term goals.

At Wealth Preservation Associates, owner, founder, and managing director Grocott specializes in 529 plans, estate preparation, and retirement planning.

The firm offers securities through LPL Financial, headquartered in San Diego, California. Founded over 30 years ago, LPL comprehensively supports financial professionals in varying industries. The pioneering financial services company's mission centres around committedly serving professionals such as Grocott and, as a direct extension, their clients.

Career History

Merrill Lynch Wealth Management

Grocott established Wealth Preservation Associates after a lengthy period at Merrill Lynch Wealth Management, headquartered in New York City, New York. Merrill Lynch Wealth Management is a brand under its parent company, Bank of America Corporation. The brand provides an extensive collection of high-level investment and wealth management services.

Grocott had his base at Merrill Lynch Wealth Management's Wilmington, North Carolina, office. He left Merrill Lynch Wealth Management to focus on putting clients first at his independent wealth management company nearby Southport. That was having felt unable to do so at the bank-run organization due to an increasing focus on shareholders versus clients.

Brunswick County-based Grocott spent over six-and-a-half years working at Merrill Lynch as an internally certified Personal Investment Advisor.

Education Background

Jonathan Grocott attended high school close to his childhood home in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. After high school, he headed to the opposite side of the Keystone State to attend the world-renowned University of Pittsburgh.

University of Pittsburgh

Grocott studied for a time at the University of Pittsburgh. The institution first opened its doors as Pittsburgh Academy in 1787. Today, it's a top-ranked university in Pennsylvania and nationwide. The leading Pittsburgh-based research institution is an Association of American Universities member.

The University of Pittsburgh maintains recognition as among the nation's most innovative universities. Grocott credits his time at the University of Pittsburgh with instilling into him a decades-long and ongoing commitment to collaboration, community, inclusivity, innovation, and sustainability.

Certifications & Licenses

Grocott remains driven by a professional passion for delivering excellent service and helping his clients pursue their goals. Several all-important certifications and licenses back up his drive and passion. These include Life Insurance and Long-Term Care licenses.

The successful wealth management company founder holds Life Insurance, Long-Term Care, Series 6, Series 7, Series 63, and Series 65 licenses. He also achieved Personal Investment Advisor certification from Merrill Lynch, issued in November 2020.

Professional Skills & Expertise

As a wealth management specialist, Grocott has developed a diverse roster of professional skills, abilities, and areas of expertise. Among these are financial data analysis, investment strategies, and tax-efficient investing. In total, Jonathan P Grocott boasts an extensive list of skills, abilities, and areas of expertise, including, but not limited to, the following:

529 plans

Adjustment strategies

Analytical skills

Attention to detail

Changing market adaptation

Client goals

Collaborative working

Communication skills

Estate preparation

Ethical standards

Financial data analysis

Financial modelling

Financial product knowledge

Forecasting techniques

Investment markets & objectives

Investment recommendations

Investment strategies & vehicles

Negotiation proficiency

Personal integrity

Portfolio development

Retirement planning

Regulatory expertise

Relationship building

Relationship maintenance

Risk management

Risk Preferences & tolerance


Strategy development

Strategy execution

Tax law knowledge

Tax-efficient investing

Time management

Charitable Involvement

Grocott supports several vital charities, nonprofit organizations, and other good causes. These charities, nonprofits, and good causes include organizations in his native Garden State of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, where he grew up, and his current home state of North Carolina.

He is also a keen proponent of the importance and value of volunteering. Accordingly, Jonathan P Grocott frequently looks out for volunteering opportunities in and around his home city of Southport in the famous Old North State.

Personal Life

Wealth management company owner and managing director Jonathan was born in Trenton, New Jersey. Trenton is the Garden State's capital city, located within Mercer County. He spent much of his childhood a short distance away in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, growing up just outside Philadelphia.

Today, Grocott lives and works in Southport, a well-known city in Brunswick County, North Carolina. Southport lies close to the mouth of the Cape Fear River. The city hosts the ever-popular North Carolina Fourth of July Festival every summer. Jonathan lives in Southport with his wife, Casey, and their two young daughters, Áine and Rory.

Having memorable and fun experiences with his family has always been a priority for the wealth management company owner. He enjoys boating, fishing, and golfing when he's not working or spending time with his loved ones. New Jersey native Grocott first became involved in fishing as a young man, following in his father's footsteps. Jonathan Grocott is also a lifelong lover of music.


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